This strategic business unit is conceived from the posture, incubation, fattening, processing, deboning, and commercialization stages; with continuous support that encompasses providing proper nutrition with the perfect balance for the animal’s nourishment, up to processing and treating the protein, framed within a modern certified production process.

Ensuring chicken, offal, cuts, and fillets of:

  • Quality

  • Good texture

  • Excellent Juiciness

  • Great Flavor


This strategic business unit specializes in the production and commercialization of value added products based on chicken protein, with a wide portfolio including categories such as: cold cuts, ready to prepare products like marinated and breaded items, ready to eat products, and specialties.

This line offers products:

  • Practical

  • Exquisite

  • Versatile

  • Delicious

Serving market needs supported by constant product and process innovation.


It encompasses the production and commercialization of a wide variety of portioned cuts of aged beef, chicken, and pork proteins with vacuum packaging technology with modified atmosphere, providing greater product preservation; offering:

  • Variety of meat cuts

  • Practical presentations

  • High conservation of the refrigerated product

In addition, fish and seafood are also marketed, recognized in the market for their high quality, offering various protein alternatives.


It is dedicated to the production and commercialization of processed beef and pork products, offering a practical solution and a complete range for our consumers.


This strategic unit is focused on the marketing of eggs, sauces, and products that complement our portfolio and provide multiple alternatives.


Strategic unit oriented to the development of special businesses where raw materials and industrial services are sold, such as:

  • One day old chick

  • Fertile egg

  • Chicken pasta. CMD

  • Industrial use products

  • Processing and deboning service